The caterpillar munches away at the leaf it is confined to. Only once it becomes a butterfly does it understand the true meaning of freedom.
Kelsey Silver, LMFT

Your Past Does NOT Define You

Once you've survived trauma you start walking a balance beam.  Sometimes you feel calm and confident, striding across and even getting a little adventurous.  But sometimes it's as if you have never taken a step before and each moment seems like an eternity spent staring at insurmountable odds.  You begin to feel trapped, confined to a label you had no control over.  victim.... It burns your ears when you hear it.
Family struggles to understand, friends tell you to "chin up and get over it" and all the self-help books have failed to lift your heart and your mind. Finally, you've had enough.
Are you ready to take a leap of faith and rewrite the narrative of your trauma? Are you ready to live a story of survival? Are you ready to begin your transformation and live a life of peace?

I'm a licensed therapist and #traumainformed coach who teaches women like you how to...

You don't need to "get over it" you need a strategy to turn your trauma story into a survival story
Find out How!

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What My Clients Have to Say

“I’ve never felt as comfortable with myself as when I’m with Kelsey.  She helped my understand that I don’t have to be perfect in order to find someone that is perfect for me.”

Alex M.

“I didn’t have the skills I needed to improve my social life but I kept putting myself out there and facing rejection.  Kelsey helped me discover the tools that made it all work.”

Ryan G.