It’s Time to Embrace a Business Strategy That Honors Your Neurodivergence and Bankrolls Your Life.

Stop Lurching from Crisis to Crisis in Your Business as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur.

Discover Balance and Growth: Expand Your Business Capacity, Embrace Sustainable Success, and Gain More Time for What Truly Fuels Your Heart (oh, and do it all even on those low spoons days without sacrificing your mental health).

Waiting for the Neurotypical Business Genie to hand you the cheat codes to a successful business?

Sounds great, except…

🪜 Every time you need to take the next step in your business and research all that great biz advice, it just leaves you asking "Ok...but how?" and end up with a stomach ache to match...

📃The weekly de-brief you keep forcing yourself to do just reminds you that you spent so much time on boring things in your business that you didn't have any energy left for the tasks only you can do...

👋You know you should bring on a new team member, but the idea of training someone to think the way you do makes you so exhausted you shut down for the rest of the day...

"Psssst...neurotypical biz advice doesn't work for those of us with quirky brains, and trying to shove ourselves into that box isn't sustainable."

But not around here...

If you can juggle...

✅ a growing business

school pickup

keeping everyone else afloat without going under...

You can (and deserve to) have a sustainable business that leaves you feeling like you are enough.

Without sacrificing your mental health or...

❌ Staring wistfully out the window wishing you could take a darn walk but wanting to "just get one more thing done"

❌ Letting your eyes go bloodshot over another work email rather than picking up the book that been sitting on your nightstand for three weeks

❌ Ordering takeout for the fourth time this week because you don't have the energy to cook a meal you are proud of

Oh hey, I’m Kelsey

Your Nerdy, Nutty, Neurospicy Operations Strategist

On a mission to support neurodivergent entrepreneurs in building and scaling their business while still having time for life, even on those low spoons days, by implementing tailored strategies that work with their brain, not against it.

Ever since I was 4 years old, sitting in the psychologists office ready to be tested to have the opportunity to enter the gifted program....

Only to play with toys until the last few minutes of each timed section because I'd already figured out how long it'd take me to finish....

To implementing agency wide quality improvement initiatives in my decade as a corporate executive....

I've always had a knack for figuring out the puzzle.


  • How to streamline your client onboarding process so you aren't forgetting a major step every time you try to sign a new client (without overwhelming you with 1000 new things to learn).

  • The most efficient and effective way to bring on a team member so that they actually think like you the mental space to do the tasks only your brain can do (without giving you a headache in the process).

  • Creating systems and processes so clear that you can follow them on auto-pilot (yes, even on those low spoons days) and offload a whole heck of a lot of decision fatigue.

    The ability to scale your business while still having time for life, lies in owning your neurodivergent superpowers and implementing strategies that work with your brain, not against it.

Channel your inner Captain Picard and "Make it so" if you're....

Committed to building and growing a business that...

is sustainable and scalable, but wont leave you hanging on by a thread.

TIRED of constantly paying for courses and consulting...

that just doesn't seem to translate to the way your brain works.

OBSESSED with how to have a greater impact...

without exchanging your quality of life (or the quality of your services)

Ready to create a business that works with your neurodivergent brain, instead of against it? Here's how:

Choose your own adventure

NEW!!! Join Build Your Fellowship

Join this high-impact program designed for neurodivergent entrepreneurs and visionary leaders like you.

You've already built the foundations for your business and found success with your services, now it's time to tackle operational efficiency, fully leveraging your unique neurodivergent strengths.

With a fusion of evidence-based strategies and personalized insights, we'll unlock your distinctive success formula, empowering you to optimize your business and personal life.

Enjoy the extraordinary life you've built while IGNITING peak performance and ENHANCING operational excellence.

Ops Strategy Full-Service Consulting

Want a business that runs smoothly and efficiently with systems your brain actually wants to use?


Awesome... that's where I step in to assess and strategize your entire business operations, from how you can step into your role of CEO and away from the day to day to crafting a team that will support your business long term.

Then, we get into nuts and bolts of putting those systems into action with mock meetings, system run throughs and documentation to back it all up.

Sound like the stars have aligned?

Tailored 1:1 Coaching

Excited to get your brain on board with thinking like a CEO?

Pumped to learn the tools and techniques to think like a CEO, set yourself up for growth and expansion, and build a business you can wrap your heart around... all while keeping (or creating) a high quality of life outside of your business?


Through this tailored partnership... we use evidence-based techniques to hone in on your unique, neurodivergent superpowers and craft a business you love

(no compromises necessary!)

In addition to creating operation strategy for multi-million dollar corportions for the last decade..

Here are 5 unrelated facts about me...

By the grace of my grandmother who valued experience over money, I had traveled to 5 European and Asian countries before I graduated high school and spent a month in Italy my first year of college.

My grandmother was like a second mother to me. She loved to travel, but her health prevented her from doing so. She loved to see me travel. The summer after my grandfather (her husband of over 60 years) passed away, we took a 53 day cross country trip with her niece and nephew in their RV. We drove through 23 states and had an amazing time. A year later, I spend spring vacation in Ireland. Two years later, she made it possible for me to spend two weeks traveling through China, and attend a leadership conference in Vienna, Prague, and Budapest that summer. Because of her, I value experiences over possessions and am inspired every day to provide my daughter with the same sense of wonder.

FAQ image

Every fall you can find my partner, our daughter, and myself cosplaying at various ComiCons.

It's our family tradition started way back in 2013 when my partner and I went to our first ComicCon as Spiderman and Gwen Stacy. I make all of our costumes every year, and love to go all out! There's always so much to make and do, I have to tap into my operations strategy brain to make sure I keep it all straight!

FAQ image

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

that's it...that's the tweet.

FAQ image

I brought the kid I babysat to school one day

Don't worry, it was approved by both her mother and the school. I've always loved psychology, so when I was offered to opportunity to take AP Psych my junior year of high school, I grabbed it with both hands. One of my favorite activities was "bring a kid to school" day" where, with appropriate parental permission and supervision, we learned about childhood development, social functioning, and research. It was that spark of intrigue that later led me to pursue a masters degree in psychology.

FAQ image

I forgot to take my GREs

New Year's Eve 2008, my partner proposed and I spent the entire holiday break and month's following excitedly planning our wedding, only to realized I had completely forgotten to take my GREs and as such could not apply to the doctoral program I had been so excited for (the neurodivergence is strong with this one). Instead, I used my senior thesis "Couples that Play together Stay Together: A Relational Analysis of Partners Who Play MMORPGs Together" as a basis for my application to the Marriage and Family Therapy Masters program.

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Let's Build a Fellowship to Your Frodo


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